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Solar screens add instant privacy to your home while absorbing the heat before it heats up your windows.

While nobody can see in from the outside, you have perfect vision and comfort on the inside

OK, let's get to the real point! You are Hot!
Your windows are magnifying glasses for the sun to freely heat up your home.
Your blinds are closed but that does not stop the heat from entering your home.
Your air conditioner is running hard trying to keep up with the amount of heat that is entering through your windows.

Solution: Solar Screens
Solar Screens absorb the heat on the outside of your window BEFORE it magnifies through your window, thus heating up your home.
  • Greatly reduce the sun's incoming glare which can fade fabrics on furniture.
  • Cut down on your electric bills by keeping the heat outside.
  • Provide Privacy- You can see out but others cannot see in!

We provide different frame colors or different screen darkness to match any house or window! Call us and save money!

Frame Color Options:

Material Color Options:

Solar Screen Options:

  • Frame color & thickness
  • Screen material color
  • Percentage of light and heat you want to block out
  • Plain screen? Regular grid? Colonial grid pattern?

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